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Halo Hoops Winter League

Have you ever seen a player turn the ball over, throw their hands up in disgust and completely miss out on the action going the other direction?  Of course, their coach and teammates are urging them on, “Don’t worry about it!  Go!  Keep playing!”  
That encouragement is spot on.  Young players need lots of chances to play through mistakes and adversity, to move on quickly to the NEXT PLAY.
On a larger scale, we’ve all faced these situations during the pandemic.  We’ve felt the great distress and disappointment with what’s happening.  If we have God’s power in our hearts, we don’t get stuck in the hardship.  We move on with hope, keeping our eyes open for the good to come.

So this season, let’s all encourage our Halo kids to play through their mistakes and move on to the NEXT PLAY!


Halo practices are packed with instruction and fun!  
– 5-year-olds practice for 30 minutes prior to their game on Saturday.  
– All other teams practice one night during the week for 45-6o mins depending on the age.  
– Coaches select their practice time and location on a first-come, first-served basis from a variety of gyms around Wilmington.

Halo Rules

5 year olds Rules
6-7 year old Rules
8-9 year old Rules
10-11 year old Rules
12-13 year old Rules
14-18 year old Rules   


The atmosphere at Halo games is how youth sports is meant to be! 
– Players and their families are encouraged to be competitive and keep perspective.  
– Our games are run by the Halo Rules, designed especially for young players to grow with the game.  
– Every player gets time on the court in every game.
Teams usually play at the same one or two gyms on Saturdays. 
– 5- to 9-year-olds cap the season off with a high-powered Celebration at the UNCW Trask Coliseum.  
– 10- to 18-year-olds compete in a thrilling single-elimination tournament.


2022 Season

5-9 Year Olds

Dec. 10-12: Dick’s Sporting Goods Weekend
Dec. 11: Preseason Clinic for 5-9 year olds
Jan. 8  – Feb. 26:  Games on Saturdays, Practice on weekdays
Jan. 15 & 22: Strawbridge Studios Picture Days
TBA:  Celebration for 5- to 9-year-olds


Fees: $115 by 10/15, $125 by 11/19, $135 by 12/15

Shaun McMahon
5-9 Year Old Divisional Directo

10-18 Year Olds

Dec. 10-12: Dick’s Sporting Goods Day Weekend
Dec. 11: Preseason Clinic for 10-13 year olds

Jan. 8 – Feb. 19:  Games on Saturdays, Practices on weekdays
Jan. 15 & 22: Strawbridge Studios Picture Days
Feb 21–March 5:  Single Elimination Playoffs

 Fees: $115 by 10/15, $125 by 11/19, $135 by 12/15

Dave Davies
10-18 Year Old Divisional Director