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Halo Hoops Summer League

Come join the most popular summer basketball league in the Wilmington area!  Grab your friends and make a team.  Don’t miss out on the fun and fast-paced action!

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Practices and Games

– 5 yr olds: 30 min practice and 30 min game.
– All other teams have no formal practices. Coaches may arrange on their own.
– Games are one night a week on weeknight.
– Teams play two 30 min games per week.

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Summer League Rules
Coaches Application 



– Tournament is held during the last week of the season.  
– Teams play shortened games, varying according to the number of teams.  
– No tournament for 5 year olds. 
– 6-9’s play a round-robin.
– 10-18’s play a double-elimination tournament, and members of the winning teams receive a medallion.

Tentative Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change due to number of teams*
Mondays @ Ogden YMCA
6-7 Boys North 6pm,10-11 Girls 7pm, 12-13 Girls 8pm 
Tuesdays @ Ogden YMCA
8-9 Boys North 6pm, 12 Boys 7pm, 14 Boys 8pm
Wednesdays @ Ogden YMCA
6-7 Girls & 8-9 Girls 6pm, 15 Boys 8pm
Wednesdays @ Midtown YMCA
6-7 Boys South 6pm, 
Thursdays @ Ogden YMCA
10 Boys 6pm, 11 Boys 7pm, 13 Boys 8pm
Thursdays @ Midtown YMCA
8-9 Boys South 6pm, 16-18 Boys 7pm

2021 League Details

Week of June 14 to week of July 19
Weeknights, no weekend games
No practices

North Locations: Ogden YMCA, NIR YMCA 
South Location: Midtown YMCA

Date: Week of July 19

$105 by May 15th, $115 by June 10th
Pay by credit card
Must have a YMCA account (free for non-members) to register for Halo programs

Shaun McMahon
Summer League Director