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Winter League

Boys & Girls Ages 5-18
  • December thru February
  • 10 week season
  • No Draft - Play with friends or make new ones
  • 1 practice a week - North & South locations available
  • 8 games - 1 game a week on Saturdys
  • End of Season Tournament for 10-18 yr olds
  • Celebration at UNCW Trask Coliseum for 5-9 yr olds

Summer League

Boys & Girls Ages 5-18
  • Mid-June thru July
  • 6 week season
  • No Draft - Play with friends or make new ones
  • No Practices - Coaches Call
  • 10 games - 2 time modified games a week on weekday
  • End of Season Tournament for 6-18 yr old teams

General League Information

Our Coaches

Halo coaches are the best!  They’re enthusiastic people who love volunteering their time and energy.  We provide training and resources for them to lead their teams well all season long.  Most Halo coaches are parents whose kid begged them to coach!  Just fill out the online application and let the fun begin.

Our TeamsIMG_2922

Halo teams are custom-built with young players in mind.  We work hard to help players join with their friends and meet new ones. When you register your child, they’re placed on a team according to your requests (we do our best to honor your requests). If you don’t have any requests, we place them on a team that needs players or by your school/home location.

Practices – Winter Only

Halo practices are packed with instruction and fun!  One weekly practice is included in the fee for the 5-to 9-year-old teams.  The 5-year-olds practice for 30 minutes prior to their game on Saturday.  All other teams practice during the week.  Coaches select their practice time and location on a first-come, first-served basis from a variety of gyms around Wilmington.


The atmosphere at Halo games is how youth sports is meant to be! Players and their families are encouraged to be competitive and keep perspective.  Our games are run by the Halo Rules, designed especially for young players to grow with the game.  And, of course, every player gets time on the court in every game.


Are you interested in helping behind-the-scenes?  We’ve got just the spot for you.  You or your teenager can help with game-day activities like scorekeeping.