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Halo Coaches are simply the best around!

Halo Coaches have the grand responsibility of building significant relationships with young people and their families. We’ll provide you with the resources and accountability you need to make a lasting impact!

Be a Head or Assistant Coach

  • 1 Head Coach per team
  • 1-2 Assistant Coaches per team (only 1 assistant allowed on bench or sidelines during games)


  • Have a basic understanding of the game
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Love helping young people grow in skill and Christian character
  • Be available for practice and game times
  • Attend the Pre-Season Halo Coaches Training

2 Easy Steps to Apply

Veteran coaches must re-apply.

  1. Read the information page for the league you are applying for.
  2. Fill out the online Coaches Application.  Click the “Apply Now” button above to get started.  If the application button doesn’t work, the selected program may be out of season.  Please try again closer to the start date.
  3. After applying, you’ll receive an e-mail with approval from the Director and instructions on how to build your team with our online system.


Coaching Resources